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Be With Engineer

In Be With engineering program the top 100 teams are invited to participate in the two-day "Be With Engineering", which pushes students to go through the entire "idea-to-product" cycle. In this programme, students will collaborate with industry professionals and aspiring engineers to develop creative answers to social issues using the facilities of the Sahyadri campus. The major goal of "Be with Engineering" is to establish a forum for students who are enthusiastic about science and technology to interact. It gives high school and college students a comprehensive understanding of what engineering is all about. The participants will become accustomed to the surroundings in Sahyadri over the course of two days. They will get the chance to communicate with one another, work in the labs, Launchpads, and incubators, as well as discover all the resources Sahyadri has to offer. Students should be able to give an entirely new viewpoint on engineering at the end of their two-day stay on campus, and they will be working with Sahyadri students to build their projects. This program took place on January 8 and 9, 2021, gave students a thorough grasp of engineering, how an engineering college operates, and what engineering life entails. 180 people took part in the BWE. This program's main objective is to raise high school and college students' awareness of community problems and challenges while working with them to create solutions for the society. Students' entrepreneurial mindsets can be fostered through well-defined courses and activities, as well as by facilitating the construction of prototypes using local resources.

The most anticipated event of SSTH 2021, the Grand Finale, took place on January 15, 2022. This event showcased concepts through models or prototypes and even featured working projects. It featured ideas in any area of science and technology. The concepts will be evaluated by the judges, and the results will determine who receives the award. The victors will also get the chance to pitch their expansion plans to investors. where the best 20 project ideas from each submission were given cash awards and encouragement to further developing their ideas. The discussion was hosted by Shobith Mallya and featured guests Sitara Srinivasan, founder of Naxxatra Sciences and Collaborative Research, Vinay Dora K, founder and chief happening officer of crowd product, and Abhishek AS, assistant professor of physics in Mysuru. Separate rewards were given to victors in each zone, and five consolation prizes of Rs. 2000 each were given out.