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Welcome To Sahyadri Science Talent Hunt - 2023

Sahyadri Science Talent Hunt 2023, 10th edition is a innovation program for young and creative minds in line with the “Startup - India” Initiative. The program includes shortlisting 600 creative and entrepreneurial students from a pool of 10,000 students across 100+ schools in 10 districts of Karnataka. On a mission to develop an entrepreneurial mindset at an early age and thereby promote innovation and entrepreneurship culture that can drive the youth to become problem solvers, leaders, and entrepreneurs.








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Client's Testimonials

What People Say?

I saw drones for the first time in Sahyadri after the 3 idiots movie. And I was fascinated by them, then joined an aero club in my college, now making my career in drone technology. SSTH was a great experience and it gave him a lot of exposure to technology


Project Engineer - Avionics NewSpace Research and Technologies, Bangalore

It was well organized, I got inspired by the guests who were invited. SSTH helped me gain confidence to build projects for national-level competition. It was the best event I found in Mangalore


Law Student NLSIU Law School Bangalore(2021 batch)

I've had a great experience in SSTH. Definitely an experience I'd always remember.Met quite a lot of people there too and exchanged ideas about how technology can empower people.”


Electronics and Communication Engineer Manipal Institute of Technology (2017-2021 Batch) Senior Web Developer, ICICI General Insurance Company.

I had participated in many events but SSTH was the best one so far. I got to experience, there were different projects, I had many doubts which were all solved here. I also learned how to present the projects. Mentors were very active, they refined my Ideas


Electrical and Electronics Engineering St. Joseph College of Engineering (2021 Batch)