Event Schedule

SSTH 2022

Event Schedule

Ideation Sessions

Where we will address the students across 100+ Schools/Colleges in Karnataka and create awareness in them about what problem-solving looks like, and how they can find the problem so it will lead them to build really good projects.

Talent Hunt Bootcamp

The shortlisted students will be taken through a 2 day Bootcamp to educate them to build prototypes using existing tools to quickly build solutions. The Bootcamp familiarises the students with a process of critical thinking, research and rapid prototyping to propose solutions for problems given during the bootcamp.

Be With Engineering

The top 100 teams are eligible to participate in the 2-day ‘Be With Engineering' program that encourages students to go through the complete ‘idea-to-product’ cycle. In this program, the students will be mentored by industry professionals in developing interesting solutions to community challenges by using the resources available in the Sahyadri campus.

Grand Finale

This event will be exhibiting ideas through models or prototypes and will even demonstrate working projects in any field of science and technology. The ideas will be evaluated by the judges. The prize will be distributed based on the results. Further, the winners will be given an opportunity to pitch their projects to the investors for its further development.